Easy DIY pot planter – with Video!

Watch the video here: EASY DIY POT PLANTER & MACRAME

If you are a plant lover, then these “tutorials” are just FOR YOU!! With things you probably already have in your house you can make the best pot planter and if not, there are still very affordable materials to find.

So we all know that pot planters can sometimes be a bit expensive, especially if you are the kind of plant lover that wants everyday a new plant.

You will need:
 The packaging from yogurt (500gr) or more if you want
 White or Terracotta Clay (500gr)
 Sandpaper
 Oil or acrylic paint
 Sponge


  1. You clean and dry very well the packaging from the yogurt
  2. Then you take the clay and mold it right on the outside of the yogurt packaging as gently and as thick layered as you would like
  3. You let it dry and harden for 1 day
  4. Lastly, we have the fun part, the painting. You can do anything you want. For my pot planter, I used oil paint and did this technique with the sponge. Easy fast and beautiful.

This could also be a great idea for a gift, to someone who loves plants. And it’s HANDMADE!

For the makrame see this post: DIY Makrame pot planter or keep on watching the video!

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