DIY Makrame pot planter – with Video!

Watch the video here: EASY DIY POT PLANTER & MACRAME

What is Macramé: Macramé is a form of textile produced using knotting techniques.

It’s a beautiful way to décor your house and give color and texture to your space. It doesn’t take up room from your shelving area and has a boho and summery vibe.

We have two types of macramé, both are easy but the second one is more time consuming, but I think it totally worth’s it.

You will need:

Twine ( thin or thick any color you want)
 Pair of scissors
 Measuring tape
 And time

For the steps watch the video and there are also written instructions.

Some extra bits if you want to make it extra special:
 Wooden hoops with the leftover strings hotglued around it
 You can also add colorful beads between the knots

For the pot planter see this post: Easy DIY pot planter watch the video!

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