Heart shaped pie

Do not use your heart shaped baking pan only for cakes!


  • Dough for the pie (you can buy it or prepare it yourselves. Here a recipe: Greek Pita – Pie – Hortopita – Pie with greens)
  • Whatever filling you want! I used greens from my garden like lacinato kale, collards and beet roots. But use your imagination. You can make it with different cheeses or with minced meat and green peas for example!


  • Prepare your filling and let it cool down a bit
  • Butter your baking pan and then flour it
  • Place your dough and leave enough to cover your pie, if you want it like mine. But you can leave the pie also without covering it.
  • Preheat the oven in 175 Celsious and bake it until it is golden (in my oven took 35 minutes)

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