Heart shaped pizza filled with cheese – Assembly!

This baking pan that you have for heart shape cakes… it is not only for cakes!!!


  • pizza dough (I used this recipe: but you can buy it)
  • cheese for the filling (I used emmental but mozzarella should also be fine)
  • tomato sauce
  • whatever else you want to put on your pizza


  • If you want to make this sourdough pizza, I would suggest to do it the previous day and the day after to bake the pizza
  • Place the pizza dough in a buttered and floured pan and leave also a vertical wall (at least 1,5cm)
  • Let it until it rises (1-2 hours room temperature)
  • Place the cheese like in the first foto
  • With a spatula remove the pizza walls from the pan gently (2nd foto)
  • Add a bit of water next to all the cheese you put, cause like this the dough will stick better (3rd foto – the water is making the dough shine)
  • Turn the dough over the cheese and seal it well, otherwise the cheese will go out! (4th foto)
  • Add the taste of the pizza you like! I did one with tomato sauce, basil and oregano
  • 2 minutes before the pizza was done, I took the pizza out, I added cubes of cheese and I put it again in for 2 minutes! That is why in the foto above you see cheese also!

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