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Check out the Aegean sea in the beautiful village of Apollon – 3 beach videos!

You can enjoy the main beach of Apollon in 3 short videos. The first one is for the part of the beach that is close to the most restaurants and to the shops. 

In the second one you can see also sometimes people with pets.

At the third one, which is the longest, has not so many people normally and you can have some privacy.

Enjoy Apollon!

Please try to keep the beaches clean. Naxos is a big island and has lots of wild beaches, where you will find no bin to throw your garbage. Be prepared and ready to get your garbage with you.

If you are so kind, you can also get some more garbage, if any, from the beach and carry them till the next trash can. At a beach you can find garbage that not only the previous careless people left but also garbage that the sea brings and lets on the shore. Let´s try altogether to keep the planet clean. Thank you!

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