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Polenta with fresh greens or green chips

There are several different polentas out there and you can find some that you can cook in max. 15 minutes!


  • Polenta
  • cheese (you can use also a couple of different ones like gouda and emmental)
  • salt
  • pepper
  • fresh herbs to serve like basil or parsley – optional


  • Follow the instructions of cooking the polenta and when you turn off the fire add the cheese
  • You can add also a bit of extra cheese directly on the dish!
  • Serve it with a bit of salad, meat or kale chips like in the foto above

Polenta: the north italian must

The last years polenta is becoming more and more popular. It is cornmeal which is quite coarse and you can just boil it with water. There are recipes also with milk but the one here, we did it using water. The ratio is 1 part polenta and 4 parts water. Then you need to add…

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