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This cake means “pull me up” and it literally does it not only for the coffee absorbed from the ladyfingers but also from its delicious taste!


  • 2 eggs divided in yolks and egg whites
  • 45gr sugar (you will use it in 2 separate moments: 20gr and 25gr)
  • 4gr vanilla sugar
  • 200gr mascarpone
  • 3 cafe espressos and a 4 teaspoons of milk
  • 200gr ladyfinger biscuits – savoiardi (2 pieces were left…)
  • cocoa for decorating


  • Whisk the egg whites and 20gr of the sugar into hard peaks
  • Whisk 25gr of the sugar and the yolks till whitish (Attention: if you start with this step, before whisking the egg whites you must clean well your whisker, so that is free of yolk and water – this is why this step is in 2nd position – so that you do not clean your whisker)
  • Add the mascarpone in the yolks till is fully incorporated
  • Add 1/4 of the egg whites to the yolks and after being completely mixed go on adding the rest of the 3 quarters. This is your tiramisu cream
  • Place the espressos and the milk in a deep plate and wet every biscuit before adding it in your final place. Hint! The moment you add it, you turn it over almost immediately. You do not want to wet them a lot, cause they will also absorb humidity from your tiramisu cream
  • When the first layer of ladyfingers is done, add half of the tiramisu cream
  • Add one more layer of ladyfingers in the same way and cover with tiramisu cream
  • It is recommended to let it overnight in the fridge.
  • After placing each piece on the plate, shift cocoa on top. Do not do it on the cake, cause if you let it on the cake, it will be incorporated in the cream and it is not that beautiful!
  • I made it in a glass with dimensions: 20x25cm

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