Coconut cookies – GF and DF

Only 4 ingredients! You can do it quite fast and easily!


  • 60gr of coconut flakes
  • 20gr walnut flour
  • 35 gr of coconut oil
  • 35 gr of syrup (I used quince syrup)


  • Preheat the oven in 200 degrees Celcius
  • Make your coconut flakes smaller pieces with using a food processor. You need big pieces, so the shredded coconut I do not know if it will work here.
  • Mix all the ingredient together
  • Make small balls and then push them on top, so that they are not that high. In the foto below, they still need to be pushed, so thinner
  • They will spread while baking, so let space among them
  • Bake till they will be golden on top (around 15minutes but check them inbetween!)

GF stands for gluten free.

DF stands for dairy free.

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