Use lemon once more after drinking it! To clean!

We are using quite a lot of lemon. In the morning with water or tea, in our cooking or baking and to make coctails. But you always have this part that you are throwing away. So before going to the cleaning part, I want to share with you what we do when the exterior of the lemon (or lime, cause we use them also a lot) is fresh and smells nicely. We make ice-cubes!!!

Now let’s go to the cleaning part. Lemon is an acid. We use it to clean frying pans or to remove the calcium from our boiler. So I keep always some already used lemons in the fridge, just in case I will need them!

And then below you can see how it is after 1 day with the lemon inside. I was putting it periodically to boil. So like in a day it boiled 10-15 times.

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