Dry your Sourdough

if you want

  • to take a break or
  • you want to store your sourdough safely before holiday
  • you want to be sure whatever happens to your sourdough, you have some of it in a safe place
  • you want to send it to someone easier
  • you wanted to bake and use your sourdough, but in the end you had not time or got bored and you have a big amount

I dried my sourdough before feeding it. I will try in the future to dry also already fed sourdough and I will also upload the procedure to make it usable again!


  • Sourdough (as much as you want)
  • baking paper!!! Very important!!!


  • Apply your sourdough on the baking paper
  • Make only a thin layer cause like this it will dry faster
  • The timing will depend on the water percentage in your sourdough and on the humidity of your house. It took 2,5 days in my conditions
  • You will see that while the sourdough is drying it will wrinkle the paper and will crack, so you can be sure that is going well the procedure. That is why the baking paper is vital here!
  • When you believe it is fully dried, make small pieces like in the last foto below and let it still outside for some hours or half a day to be completely sure that it is correctly dried
  • Store it in a jar and write also the date

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