Octopus delicacy

you only need 2 more ingredients apart from the octopus! You do not have to eat it only in restaurants! You can do it home!

The recipe is from Stella, that normally has freshly caught octopus, which requires actually really more work than the frozen one! But ou can totally notice the difference in the taste!


  • frozen octopus
  • bay – optional
  • red wine – around 150ml for 8 octopus legs
  • olive oil


  • Add the octopus in a pot together with the bay if you wish to use it – no need to use water or oil or something more. The octopus has its own juices and will start getting them out. This is what we want.To cook it in its own juice
  • Cook it with the cover in the pot and keep on moving it so that it doesn´t get stuck on the bottom
  • After 30-45 minutes it should have get out the juice and should be cooked in them. Try them with the fork and they should be already quite soft
  • Add the wine in small quantities and let it absorb it every time before you add new wine. You will need here around 15 minutes
  • When the octopus is soft enough to be eaten – check with a fork, cut it in pieces and serve it with olive oil on top and if you wish also vinegar

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