Sea snails – beautiful finger food


  • Pizza dough
  • Mozzarella 1 bag
  • Mortadella (or whatever salami you want)
  • black olives (you need them for the eyes. so if you are not gonna make a lot, 1 olive should be enough!)


  • You need to place first your salami on your working surface
  • Add the mozzarella but you shouldn´t have mozzarella on the lower part of the snail, where you will place the eyes, cause the mozzarella will wash them away
  • Roll the mortadella with the mozzarella inside
  • Make long strings with the pizza dough and roll them around the mortadella roll
  • One point of the roll should be closed (so the upper part of the snail) and the other one should be open (this is where the eyes and the “feet/hands” will go)
  • A small and a bit thicker string goes on the lowest part of the snail where the opening is (you can see it in the right foto on the upper part)

3 thoughts on “Sea snails – beautiful finger food

  1. These look like something that would be very tasty to bite into.


    1. They were really good Geri! In the end you can fill them with what you wish! The main idea is the shape that you can give to the dough, which is funny and nice to have on your table!

      Liked by 1 person

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