Taufkirchen (Vils) – Dorfen – Geisenfeld

Taufkirchen (Vils): free parking area with

The place is very small and in front of a field of archery. You can have electricity and water and you you have also disposal. Everything was working in the middle of May 2020. You can have nice hiking tours and also bicycle tours. The town is small but very beautiful and this parking is next to a small river.


Here I am inside the field of Archery and in the top left of the foto you can see the caravans. I would say that one more fits, but then that´s it.
It´s a small place…
You have also a street right next to the parking but there are not really a lot of cars passing by. Lots of bicycles yes!

Dorfen: pic nic area

The view from this place is amazing! You see the cows and the fields but it is next to the street and you have lots of cars and motorbikes passing. There is only one table but people do not mind to share a table so there were people stopping and going. Lots of people hiking and with the bicycle. There is a bin also, so please do not leave any food cause there are wild pigs coming to this place. No services.


The place is right next to the street and people go fast here but the view is amazing.

Geisenfeld: free parking area with services

There is a small place reserved for caravans next to the training facilities. There is a basketball field and young people were playing till a bit later, but I guess this is not everyday and not for everyone annoying. The city center is walking distance and you cross also a small river that is in the back part of the parking. Facilities were working in the middle of May 2020. You can dispose grey water directly on the floor.


You can see on the back part the training fields. In 2 days in the middle of May (Thursday and Friday) we saw only a guy watering the grass and nobody else.
In front of the parking space there is this small bridge over the river that leads you to the city center.
Foto over the bridge. In the night you can hear the frogs.
On the way to the city center, where I would recommend drinking a coffee at a very nice coffee place. Info below

The place that I would recommend in Geisenfeld is Cafe am Stadtplatz. The coffee was really good, the people very friendly and they care for the environment. What else can you possibly need? Maybe nice cakes… Well they have!!!



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