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Bay laurel (en) – laurel (sp) – alloro (it) – Lordbeer (de) – dafni (gr)

In Mythology bay is strictly connected with the God Apollon and in the ancient times was also giving Status due to the connection of the winners (in sport or other competitions) receiving laurel wreaths.

Apart from this “strong” historical backgroung, laurel is used quite a lot in the greek cuisine, therefore couldn´t be missing from our house in Apollon, Naxos. You will find dry bay leaves in Yannis and Stella apartment.

Below we will give you ideas of using it.

Savory dishes

Sweet Bay Pasta Sauce
Grilled Summer Squash and Red Onion with Feta
Braised Pork with Bay Leaves (Laurel)


Bay Laurel Pound Cake
Bay Leaf Creme Brulee


Bay Leaf Liqueur

Bay Laurel Martini + Fog Point Vodka
Lemony Laurel
Upside Down Grape Cake


Δάφνη, το φυτό του Απόλλωνα

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