Aformoi or wild beach – Apollon, Naxos – Search for anemones or lizards!

The house of Yannis and Stella is close to the main beach but also an other one, more secluded and that you need to go down an easy path to access it. In the village of Apollon this beach is called Aformoi but in google maps you can find it with the name “wild beach”. This beach is a pebble beach and from there you can go to the rocks that are close by for snorkelling.

We are about to go snorkelling! You can see one of us already entering the water.

This beach is not the easiest to swim maybe but if you like exploring nature you are going to love it here! Search for anemones!!! You can find quite easily sea tomatoes (actinia mediterranea). But there could also be some beadlet anemones (actinia equina) – it is difficult to tell which one is which. These anemones retract their tentacles when exposed to air and do not like direct sun.

Our next anemone is snakelocks anemone (Anemonia sulcata). Normally this anemone has a deep green color with purple tips according to wikipedia but this one was bleached. This is due to the luck of sun, cause the one in the fotos was based in a spot without direct sun!

Do not touch anemones and if you want to see a video of them, check our channel in youtube.

In the end of the street (that you reach in 30 seconds) you turn on the left and you take the path to arrive to Aformoi beach.

Here you can have a taste of Apollon starting from the house! The video: Apollon, Naxos – Discover Apollon – See how close by is the beach Aformoi

Please try to keep the beaches clean. Naxos is a big island and has lots of wild beaches like Aformoi, where you will not find a bin to throw your garbage. Be prepared please and ready to get your garbage with you.

If you are so kind, you can also get some more garbage, if any, from the beach and carry them till the next trash can. At a beach you can find garbage that not only the previous careless people left but also garbage that the sea brings and lets on the shore. Let´s try altogether to keep the planet clean. Thank you!

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